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Trusted and featured by 40+ companies around the world

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The Future of Healthcare Powered by Diagnostics

Diagnostics as a Service (DaaS) offers a comprehensive solution for healthcare providers to conduct diagnostic tests. It's an all-in-one service that manages everything from sending easy-to-use blood test kits to patients' homes to organizing professional blood draws. The service includes access to scientific data, ensuring the diagnostics are backed by the latest research.The online platform simplifies the logistics of ordering tests, while the service integrates with top-quality labs and ensures the safe transport of samples.

The All-in-one Solution for Diagnostic Testing

We work with some great partners. Are you next?

We have helped businesses across multiple industries seamlessly integrate diagnostics into their care pathways.

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Digital Health

Streamlined Testing to Propel Your Brand
Effortlessly integrate blood testing into your services with our comprehensive solution, freeing you up to amplify your business. Adaptable to every stage, from initial concept to expansion.

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Retail & Online Pharmacy

Integrate Blood Testing into Your Retail Strategy
Elevate your retail offerings with our ready-to-deploy blood tests, available for both in-person and online sales. We provide full support for both digital and brick-and-mortar stores, equipped with either our self-testing kits or in-store blood draw services.

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Public Health and Trials

Advancing Community Health and Research
Facilitate community health initiatives and research with our remote blood testing. Our systems adhere to the highest quality standards, designed for large-scale implementation and swift deployment.

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Practitioners and Clinics

Comprehensive Blood Testing for Patient Care
Offer a full spectrum of tests through our certified labs. Choose from in-clinic to remote options, including a nationwide phlebotomy network for utmost convenience.

Our results in numbers


Partner satisfaction

Nearly all partners report exceptional satisfaction, reflecting our commitment to quality service and reliable diagnostic solutions.


Tests completed

Over three-quarters of a million precise diagnostics completed, ensuring top-tier data integrity and reliability


Industry partners

Collaborated with over 40 diverse partners across various sectors, showcasing our versatility and broad market reach.

Our process

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Platform Demo & Scoping

A detailed one-hour demo to showcase how our platform can be tailored to your program.


Program Proposal & Agreement

Receive a custom proposal within 1 week, crafted to align with your objectives.


Onboarding & Launch

Start providing best-in-class diagnostics to your patients without delay.

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Meet our team members

We are committed to enhancing healthcare outcomes through advanced diagnostic technologies and exceptional service.

CEO & Co-Founder

Adonis has a mission to revolutionize the healthcare industry by making healthcare accessible to all, regardless of their socio-economic status.

Head of development

Christopher Newcombe excels in business development, propelling growth at McKenzie Intelligence Services, Barclays, and now Welzo, leading in healthcare diagnostics innovation.

Chief medical officer

Dr. Sameer Nakedar, Chief Medical Officer at Welzo, blends NHS experience and tech entrepreneurship to innovate patient-centered diagnostic solutions with clinical excellence.

VP of partnerships

Simona Ilieva, with her Just Eat experience, excels in optimizing fast-paced online services, enhancing operations, and ensuring top-notch user experiences in health solutions.

clinical lead

Aneq Qureshi, as Welzo's Clinical Lead, offers extensive clinical knowledge and a commitment to superior patient care, becoming an essential part of the team.

AI & BIg data

Jais Dargan, with his EY background, excels in big data analytics and AI, providing critical data-driven strategic insights and valuable expertise to his teams.

accounts & managment

Binul Jariwala leads Welzo's health tech project, expertly blending technology with business goals to steer the initiative's innovative direction.

medical content lead

Paola Drexlar excels as Welzo's content lead, creating engaging narratives and driving user resonance with her innovative and detail-oriented approach.

QA & analytics

Thomas Daniel ensures Welzo's excellence in quality assurance and Analytics, overseeing processes and upholding high regulatory standards, securing its reputation in online QA.

Connect with Welzo today and launch your diagnostics program with confidence.

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